3D Feet™ socks for painless heels


Get rid of foot pain and plantar fasciitis once and for all!

3D Feet™ is a patented therapeutic "sock" with a soft cushioned inner support that provides support and a real comfort for your feet.
Perfect for :
✅Ballet flats shoes - kitten heels
✅Pumps - vans - high-heel shoe
✅Platform pumps - knee-high boots
✅Sneakers - laced booties
✅Flat shoe - boat shoes
✅Golf shoes - business  shoes
✅Loafers shoes


  • Non-slip silica gel
  • Smooth and breathable
  • Reduces pressure
  • Corrects flat feet
  • Ultra-comfortable and incredibly durable

Designed with a soft and thick enough insole to support you when walking.
A great help to relieve pain, prevent injuries and effectively reduce stress on the arch of the foot.

With a comfortable 3D bow - it's like having a massage all day long.

How can 3DFeet™ help me?

✅3D: The sponge cushion adapts perfectly to the arch of the foot, harmonizes with the arch of the foot and is used gently to relieve the pain of flat feet.
✅Massage: The cushion relieves the discomfort of walking with your new shoes.
✅Non-slip silicone grip on the heel and sole prevents "slipping".
✅Anti-odor: invisible and odourless silicone patch for the sock heel and slippery soles.

Cotton allows your feet to breathe.

These innovative "socks" have a soft gel inner cushion that provides soothing support and comfort for your feet, relieving the pain of plantar fasciitis.
Wear them with almost any shoe without anyone noticing.
Don't let foot pain restrict your activities!


Improves the body's balance and absorbs shocks


Specifications :

  • Unisex
  • Easy to wash
  • Material: Cotton and bamboo fiber

Size chart :

Size 1: Suitable for a size between 4 and 8 US

Size 2: Suitable for a size up to 9 and 9,5 US

Please handle your delicate stockings with special care.
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron
Do not tumble dry Flat-dry



Q: How do they stay on your heels?
A: Socks stay comfortably under your feet whether you're on high heels or sneakers or flat shoes. 3D Feet™ has anti-slip materials on the heels and soles that will allow a fixed positioning in the shoe. 

Q: Are these socks machine washable?
A: Absolutely! The fact that they do not get damaged by machines is what makes them stand out in the market.

Q: Are these socks designed to be worn on shoes such as sneakers?
A: Feet™ 3D socks are made for different types of shoes ranging from low ballerinas to high-end shoes.
They are invisible and adapt perfectly to the sole.

Q: Do they take up a lot of space?
A: The advantage of 3D Feet™ is that their shape is designed to fit your arch perfectly, which means you only need to give them a little space. The padding is thin and won't make you feel like something is growing in your feet.



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